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How It Works

How It Works

Milvent Ventilation Cable Glands


Enclosures and containers are vulnerable. Vulnerable to failed seals, condensation   and contamination. Vulnerable to leakage and structural failure.

How likely is an enclosure or container to fail? All it takes is a change in internal        pressure that stresses seals. Even a change in temperature or altitude could cause a pressure change, or it could happen because the contents of a container out gas  or scavenge oxygen. In the case of mobile devices, enclosures could fail if they’re      inadequately protected against liquids, dust and other environmental factors.          Whatever the cause, the result could damage a product’s performance and integrity, or even lead to an expensive product failure or significant clean-up.

MILVENT Vents keep the worst from happening. They allow enclosures and               containers to breathe, equalizing pressure and reducing condensation while filtering out liquids and other contaminants. The result: greater product performance,              increased durability, higher reliability and peace of mind.


MILVENT has paired our technological expertise - particularly in Venting Membrane, a highly durable and              breathable material - with our understanding of venting requirements for automotive components,                      mobile devices, packaging, outdoor electronics and other devices.

Depending on the application, our vents can:

· equalize internal pressure to prevents leaks

· build a barrier to contaminants

· manage moisture and condensation

· preserve sound quality in acoustic components

· enable devices to survive in rugged environments

· contain challenging or hazardous chemicals in packaging

· enable fluid dispensing from a container, even hot fluids

We design each vent specifically for its application. Once the vent is built, we thoroughly test it in real-world        conditions. As a result, vents are designed to perform to specifications - the first time and every time - and         deliver outstanding service life.

Packaging Vents
Portable Electronic Vents

Packaging Vents





Portable Electronic Vents



Milvent Low Pressure Evacuation Vent for Battery Packs

With an opening pressure of less than 2.5 kPa,the design of lighter, leaner battery packs isnow possible


Mivent Snap In Vent for ECU/Electronics Enclosure...

Milvent Snap in vents is widely used in ECU or electronics enclosures.The products now have....


M6*0.75 have been widely used in telecom products...

M6*0.75 plastic screw in vents have been widely used in telecom products...


M12*1.5 Screw-in vents for lighting or telecom products...


M12*1.5 Screw-in vents is widely used in LED lighting and telecom products......


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  •     We have been involved in automotive/lighting/telecom plastic or metal parts for over 10 years, developing variety venting products,cable gland components,rubber sealing products etc. Base on existing OEM/ODM experience,we are able to offer flexible, adaptive process method that can be easy to install, handling, and supplied in efficient time frames. With strong engagement between our partners we can utilise our existing experience so they can be adapted to meet the requirements of today’s consumers.

  • Our aim is to give our partners and consumers a product that not only meets their expectations but exceeds them. By understanding our partners requirements, understanding their structure and integrating into them we are able to develop a wide range of venting products for electronic units to improve their reliability.
  • Our customer base ranges from high-end manufactures where our understanding of the brand, quality, aesthetics and prestige are required to achieve a product that delivers the requirements in that market segment, to high volume passenger and commercial vehicles.

    All Milvent products are produced by stable process and it is worth you to choose.

    Starting with LED lighting plastic or metal parts in the ten years we have developed a wide range of venting products, building on past developments and consistently evolving and developing different process has increased our product portfolio. Our knowledge and experience of venting of all levels of complexity is extensive. Full waterproof and venting solutions have been provided on numerous occasions to multiple customers. Our experience in automotive, lighting,telecom enclosure and consumer electronics gives the industry a viable and flexible option to improve products life time.

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