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AC-1006 MIV-1210 MIV-06MB-0.75-7 MIV-10MS TA440 TA340-R MIV-12BG NSYCAG38LP or DA084 D10 /CMF300223 /CMF300274 MIV-CM6B & CM6C MIV-CM700363G &CM700323G MIV-PE MIV-25B MIV-1-4GB MIV-TSS1G D17 D38 Rubber Grommet MIV-M8CAPG MIV-16DP MIV-CA25 MIV-04SUSOH MIV-40 or MIV-40B BL-M12×1.5-8EMC MIV-CA16AB MIV-METAL123 MIV-M20S-7 MIV-04MSUS69 MIV-06MA-7-6.8 ffc fpc connector 27 pin 1.25mm ffc fpc to board connector awm 20624 80c 60v vw-1 ffc ffc cable magnetic cable electrical connector with fcc 0.3mm fpc connector 0.7mm pitch ffc connector hs code connector connector sc50 sc175 sc350 rema electric forklift connector rectangular electric connector 1393436-1 umper wire terminal for track 1j0973203 oem ford automotive connector conn header 8pos 2mm rt ang tin 0.8mm pitch fpc connector 175a 600v uchen connector double swivel anchor chain connector Terminal 6.3(250) flag faston receptacle terminal krone idc terminal block nylon 66 terminal block terminal block phoenix connector 3 pin terminal block connector headlight socket rs485 connector pata to sata connector 60-pin-connector hand tools for hose crimping ratchet control crimping tool 7 8 feeder cable connector crimping machine hard drive connector types iec 62196-2 female connector PMF200444/MIV-12SUS MIV-EX32 MIV-VE06 MIV-1/2B MIV-32B MIV-HYSI/PMF100271 MIV-03MSUS MIV-04MSUS MIV-2015 MIV-20MSUS MIV-M20C-12 MIV-M16C-08 MIV-M12C-06(1.5) MIV-M12C-06 MIV-CAPG9B MIV-CA12B(BENDING) MIV-CA12(BENDING) Ceramic Tubes MIV-06 MIV-40SUS MIV-16 RJ45NDC MIV-PG9M MIV-12MAB MIV-NFMFC MIV-ESP MIV-MR MIV-HSBP MIV-NR MIV-RSBSP MIV-NSP MIV-NPT1-4MS MIL-WCTF MI-DQFP MIL-IQCF MIL-QCFC90 MIL-QCFC MIL-BNFC MIL-CP MIV-BPCG MIV-90CG MIV-BPNCGB MIV-BPNCG MIV-MHCABLEGLAND MIV-CBB MIV-DSACABLE GLAND MIV-AEXCABLE GLAND MIV-SUS CABLE GLAND MIV-Multiple Holes and Flat Hole Brass Cable Gland MIV-EMC Brass Cable Gland MIV-Brass Cable Glands MIV-Through Type Brass Cable Glands MIV-METAL CABLE GLAND MIV-SS316HCG MIV-CA20B MIV-12CA(1.5-3) MIV-PG16 MIV-CA12B MIV-PG9 PMF200400 Black M32x1.5 PMF200542 PMF100585 (black) PMF100320 (black) VE90610 VE60205 VE20307 VE20610 VE20712 40x19.5 MIV-AVS42 PMF100321(grey) PMF100318 (black) PMF100600 AMF300070 AMF300067 AMF30011 MIV-RFV MIV-MCA12 MIV-MBPG16 MIV-15WG MIV-CA12 MIV-CAPG21 MIV-CA20 MIV-CA16 MIV-16MAS MIV-10 PG11 PG7 12.7 mounting hole snap-in vent plug 28.6 mounting Hole Snap-In Vent Plugs 22.2 mounting Hole Snap-In Vent Plugs M12*1.5 thread vent plug M16*1.5 thread vent plug M20*1.5 Thread vent plug pg21 thread vent plug pg13.5 thread vent plug PG9 thread vent plug PG7 thread vent plug NPT3/4 thread vent plug NPT 1/2 NPT 3/8 NPT1/4 MIV-RJ45DC M8~M40 MIV-40MSUS MIV-32 MIV-1-8-55 Ex-*** M12*1.5-10thread MG-*** MIV-**** MIV-05B MIV-06B MIV-06MB MIV-06MG MIV-06MS MIV-08MS MIV-1-810MS MIV-10B MIV-12 MIV-1205 MIV-1210B MIV-12B MIV-12BASE MIV-12BASE(BLACK) MIV-12MG MIV-12MS MIV-12T MIV-15 MIV-18MSAH MIV-90DCB MIV-ATVE8 MIV-AVS200 MIV-GCV MIV-RV MIV-VE8 refer to the spec.
m40x1.5 Polyvent
Code:MIV-40 or MIV-40B
M4x0.7 SUS Venting Screw
M12 Vents for Battery Pack
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Gore Equivalent(Screw In Vents)


Gore Equivalent(Snap In Vents)


Gore Equiavent Adhesive Vents


Plastic Vent Parts


Metal Vent Parts


Adhesive Vents or Sticker Vents


Block Moisture and Humidity IP67 Vavle

Porous PE
Drain Plugs
Batter Pack Ex-proof Valve

Plastic Ventilation Cable Gland


Metal Ventilation Cable Gland


Gear Box Breather Plug


Cable Gland


Ventilation Cable Gland Connector


Silicon Parts


Nylon hose and fittings



IP68 waterproof connector
Fiber Optic Components
Connectdouble swivel anchor chain connectorors
Metal Parts OEM
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