Application For Ourdoor Enclosure:

RRU, communication equipment, LED lamp, seal tooling enclosure, solar control box, IP67 enclosure,power converter enclosure,

WIFI GPS enclosure, outdoor box, flight for gopro camera, medical equipment, sensor, motor ,tracking device etc...

Why you need Milvent

Milvent Screw-in Vent is design for venting air and preventing water intake. Through it excellent permeability, Screw-in Vents balance the air pressure difference between inside of housing and environmental condition and low the pressure on seal gaskets, therefore it prolongs seal gaskets service life and improve the reliability of the device.The micro-pore membrane structure build-in Screw-in Vent provides an effective barrier from dust and dirt and still allows the product to breathe with changing environmental conditions. This prevents pressure from building up and damaging enclosure seals,exposing sensitive components to water and debris.Equipment used in the telecommunications industry is subjected to rapid temperature fluctuations, a variety of particulates, and
exposure to wind, precipitation and solar radiation. Screw-in Vents effectively protect them against the negative effects of pressure differentials caused by temperature changes and provide an
effective barrier against dust, water, salts and other corrosive liquids. Especially Its threaded design ensures secure mechanical fastening, its durable designs keep it able to used in extremely
harsh environments in the field. Its unique property makes it find the wide application in shipboard telecommunication and alarm system.
street light vents( Screw-in Vent ):
1. Grade: IP67.
2.waterproof,but air can go through,
3.equalize the pressure inside&outside.
4. material:PA6
street light vents( Screw-in Vent ) is widely used in: LED
outdoor lamps, LED street lamps, under-water lamps,automobile
lamps,landscape lamps etc.
Main advantages of street light vents( Screw-in Vent ):
1, reduces the pressure on the hermetic of the device case by the
fast pressure balancing;
2, protects the components inside from water, cleanser and other
low-surface tension liquid;
3, avoids water vapor or harmful battery gas being saved inside of
the device case; prevent condensation happened.
4, simple installation ,long working time.

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