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M4x0.7-4.5M3x0.5-4.5mmM5x0.8-7mmM6*0.75-7mmM6x1.0-7mmM8x1.0-10mmM8x1.25-10mmM10*1.0-10mmM12*1.0-5mmM12*1.5-5mmM12*1.5-10mmM14x1.5-10mmM16x1.5-10mmM18x1.5-10mmM20x1.5-10mmM20x1.5-15mmM25x1.5-10mmM25x1.5-15mmM32x1.5-10mmM40x1.5-10mmG5/8G2G1/2G3/4G1/8G1/4G3/8NPT3/8''-10NPT3/4''-10NPT1/2''-10PG42PG36PG29PG21PG16PG13.5PG11PG9PG7BSP7/8BSP5/8BSP3/4BSP3/8BSP1/8BSP1/4BSP1/2Plastic Metric,G,NPT,PG MilventM3x0.5-4.5mmm4x0.7-4.5M5*0.8-7M6*0.75-7M6x1.0-7M8x1.0-10M8x1.25-10M10*1.0-10M10x1.5-10M12*1.0-5M12*1.5-5M12*1.5-10M14x1.5-10M16x1.5-10M18x1.5-10M20x1.5-10M20x1.5-15M25x1.5-10M25x1.5-15M32x1.5-10M40x1.5-10G Thread G5/8,G2,G3/8,G1/2,G3/4,G1/4,G1/8PG Thread PG7,PG9,PG11,PG13.5,PG16,PG21,PG29,PG36NPT Thread NPT3/8''-10,NPT1/2''-10,NPT3/4''-10BSP Thread BSP7/8,BSP5/8,BSP3/4,3/8,1/8,1/4,1/2Metal Metric,G,NPT,PG MilventBig Snap In VentsSmaller Snap In VentsSnap In Type MilventD5.2D6D8D10Press In VentsM12x1.5 Plastic Drain Plugm16x1.5 Plastic Drain Plugm20x1.5 Plastic Drain Plugm25x1.5 Plastic Drain PlugDrain PlugVent StickersMetal Breather PlugsPorous Material OEM304 stainless steel ScrewScrew BoltSelf tapping and Self drilling ScrewMachine tooth Machine threadNutpress riveting expansion201 stainless steelCopper ScrewNylon Plastic ScrewHandle ScrewToolOEM PartsFastenerPSA adhesive and Rubber Seal PartAutomotive Battery Pack Ex-proof ValveAutomotive Products5G EquipmentsWIFI GPS Wireless EquipmentGPS Tracking DeviceTelecom Communication EquipmentOutdoor LightingSolar ApplicationChemical BottlesOther Outdoor ElectronicsPortable Electronics EquipmentEPS SurfboardOutdoor Sports ProductsCompany NewsApplication News
Spezialisierung in Vent Stecker, Schutz Vents, Entlüftungsschraube, Belüftung Kabelverschraubung, Vent Aufkleber, kabelverschraubung, Dichtung, Anschlüsse, Plast...
Email: milvent@milvent.com
Plastic Vent: M3,4,5,6,8,10M12,M16,M20,M25,M32,M40
plastic fit breather 5.2
Plastic Rubber Fit In Vents
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Metal Venting Screw:M3/4/5/6/8/10/12/16/-PG7~PG42
Anzahl: MIV-03MSUS-12
Modell: M3x0,5-12
Anzahl: MIV-08MS-5
Modell: m8x1.25
Anzahl: MIV-M8CAPG
Anzahl: MIV-PG9M
Modell: PG9
Anzahl: MIV-06MA-7-6.8
Anzahl: MIV-NPT1-4MS
Modell: NPT1/4
Anzahl: MIV-G1/8MS-10
Modell: MIV-G1/8MS-10
Anzahl: MIV-G1/8MS-10
Modell: MIV-G1/8MS-10
Anzahl: MIV-GB-MBP
Modell: 3/4''
Anzahl: MIV-20MSUS
Modell: M20x1.5
Anzahl: MIV-40SUS
Modell: m40x1.5
Anzahl: MIV-12MA
Modell: m12x1.5
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One Hole Ventilation Cable Gland M10~M32,PG7~PG21
Our Customers
We do business with many big companys and we protect the information well.That's why we can do long term cooperation
with them.
Milvent is pecializing in Protective Vents,Breather Plug, Ventilation Cable Gland, Vent Stickers, Cable Gland,Seal,Connectors,Electricity Plastic Components OEM,Electricity Metal parts OEM.Fastner.,Etc.
Source of Milvent brand:
          MIL= million;   Our goal is to make a million products such as breathers/vents,cable gland with the same quality.
            1mil=1/1000inch=0.0254mm; Small products such as vents need us to have patience and the mentality of doing everything well and concentrate.
           Milvent is a research and development, production, sales of enterprises. Founded in 2013, the company is mainly engaged in the sales business of waterproof and ventilation or breather plug, waterproof and ventilation cable gland, waterproof and vent stickers/adhesive vents, acoustic vents,porous vents,waterproof cable gland, electrical accessories, incoming processing, non-standard parts processing, etc. The company adheres to the management strategy of survival by quality, development by benefit and reputation by service...
Factory Building
Full Automation Production
Full Automation Production2
Porous Material Manufacturing
Contact us
Skype:milvent@126.com Email:milvent@milvent.com;  milvent@126.com Tel:+8618218369198; +86075532973891
Add:R2011,North Building,Huiganmingyuan,Futian,Shenzhen,China,523617
201,5thbuilding,No.219,Dongshen   Road, Zhangmutou, Dongguan, Guangdong,China 523617
Add: r2011,North,Huiganmingyuan,Futian,Shenzhen,China Contact:Jacky.Huang
Email: milvent@milvent.com Tel: +8618218369198 Contact2:Customer Service Tel    :  +86-0755-32973891
Our Mission:
To provide customer value products and protect the product to a long life time.
Seal Accessories,Metal Parts,Plastic Parts OEM for Battery Pack

Cable Gland or Other Accessories/Components for Outdoor Lighting Products
Cable Gland,Flexible Conduit,Connectors,Reducer,Metal Cable Gland,OEM for Solar Power Application
PSA adhesive,Acrylic adheisve,Foam,Silicone Seal,Label for Portable Electronics Equipment
Gear Box Breather Plug,Flexible Conduit,Metal Automotive Components for Automotive Products
Thermally Conductive Rubber,Rubber Parts,Rubber Seal,Plastic Components OEM for Telecom Products
Plastic Components OEM for Packaging Application
Our Other Product and Service:
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