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M4x0.7-4.5M3x0.5-4.5mmM5x0.8-7mmM6*0.75-7mmM6x1.0-7mmM8x1.0-10mmM8x1.25-10mmM10*1.0-10mmM12*1.0-5mmM12*1.5-5mmM12*1.5-10mmM14x1.5-10mmM16x1.5-10mmM18x1.5-10mmM20x1.5-10mmM20x1.5-15mmM25x1.5-10mmM25x1.5-15mmM32x1.5-10mmM40x1.5-10mmG5/8G2G1/2G3/4G1/8G1/4G3/8NPT3/8''-10NPT3/4''-10NPT1/2''-10PG42PG36PG29PG21PG16PG13.5PG11PG9PG7BSP7/8BSP5/8BSP3/4BSP3/8BSP1/8BSP1/4BSP1/2Plastic Metric,G,NPT,PG MilventM3x0.5-4.5mmm4x0.7-4.5M5*0.8-7M6*0.75-7M6x1.0-7M8x1.0-10M8x1.25-10M10*1.0-10M10x1.5-10M12*1.0-5M12*1.5-5M12*1.5-10M14x1.5-10M16x1.5-10M18x1.5-10M20x1.5-10M20x1.5-15M25x1.5-10M25x1.5-15M32x1.5-10M40x1.5-10G Thread G5/8,G2,G3/8,G1/2,G3/4,G1/4,G1/8PG Thread PG7,PG9,PG11,PG13.5,PG16,PG21,PG29,PG36NPT Thread NPT3/8''-10,NPT1/2''-10,NPT3/4''-10BSP Thread BSP7/8,BSP5/8,BSP3/4,3/8,1/8,1/4,1/2Metal Metric,G,NPT,PG MilventBig Snap In VentsSmaller Snap In VentsSnap In Type MilventD5.2D6D8D10Press In VentsM12x1.5 Plastic Drain Plugm16x1.5 Plastic Drain Plugm20x1.5 Plastic Drain Plugm25x1.5 Plastic Drain PlugDrain PlugVent StickersMetal Breather PlugsPorous Material OEM304 stainless steel ScrewScrew BoltSelf tapping and Self drilling ScrewMachine tooth Machine threadNutpress riveting expansion201 stainless steelCopper ScrewNylon Plastic ScrewHandle ScrewToolOEM PartsFastenerPSA adhesive and Rubber Seal PartAutomotive Battery Pack Ex-proof ValveAutomotive Products5G EquipmentsWIFI GPS Wireless EquipmentGPS Tracking DeviceTelecom Communication EquipmentOutdoor LightingSolar ApplicationChemical BottlesOther Outdoor ElectronicsPortable Electronics EquipmentEPS SurfboardOutdoor Sports ProductsCompany NewsApplication News
Spezialisierung in Vent Stecker, Schutz Vents, Entlüftungsschraube, Belüftung Kabelverschraubung, Vent Aufkleber, kabelverschraubung, Dichtung, Anschlüsse, Plast...
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Milvent Protect Ventilator work well
In the face of the "mask shortage" in the early stage of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, many Chinese enterprises transformed their production lines and used the existing ultra clean workshop to cross-border production of masks, quickly filling the gap. In the eyes of outsiders, the same formula can be applied to respirators - American industrial giants that can produce complex products such as airplanes and automobiles in assembly lines, not only have more advanced processing equipment, but also skilled production line workers.
However, the seemingly simple ventilator, in fact, the technology content is quite high.
According to the insiders, the modern medical ventilator is not simply a pressure tank that supplies oxygen to the patient's lungs. It will adjust the oxygen supply at any time through the pulmonary dynamics parameters according to the patient's condition, vital signs, blood oxygen saturation and other indicators, and rely on the servo feedback control system to keep the oxygen supply frequency and the patient's breath synchronized by using the optimization algorithm. This complex system also requires high stability. No matter the pressure drive system, the patient circuit, the filter or the valve, if any parts fail, the ventilator may fail, thus endangering the life of the patient. In order to deal with power failure and other emergencies, the ventilator also needs an independent standby power source. The industrial giants who rush into this industry need not only time to transform the "hardware" of the production line, but also to master the core algorithm and other "software" to maintain the life of patients, which may not be found out in a short time.
As for the most advanced ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, commonly known as "artificial lung"), because it requires long-term cardiopulmonary bypass to maintain cardiopulmonary function at the same time, the design is more complex. In addition to the core blood drive pump (usually centrifugal pump) and membrane oxygenator (membrane lung), it also needs supporting variable temperature water tank, air-oxygen mixer to regulate oxygen concentration, and monitoring equipment such as blood oxygen saturation, pressure, temperature sensor, etc. In particular, the membrane lung and centrifugal pump are the most strictly controlled medical devices, not only the technology is in the hands of a few enterprises, but also the production qualification requirements are very high, the enterprises in a hurry to cross-border production can never be easily approved.
In the novel coronavirus pneumonia website, which is known as the American version, many medical device insiders also say that the production of regular medical ventilator is difficult. But it is still very hopeful to use mature technology to produce a simple respirator specifically for new crown pneumonia infected people. Quora Novel coronavirus pneumonia only requires a few basic functions, minimizing spare parts and simplifying the production process. The MIT team also launched a low-cost, portable mechanical ventilator that simulates the action of squeezing the resuscitation mask to send oxygen into the patient's trachea for only $100
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