Product Detail
M16,M20 Drain Plugs 
Code: MIV-16DP
Spec: M16x1.5
Material: Plastic
Color: Light Grey
Value: $****
描述: 1
Product Detail

Drain Plugs
Drain Plugs Polyamide
• Balances pressure differences between inner housing and the outside environment.
• Prevents damages according to pressure differences.
• Prevents the formation of water condensation in tightly-sealed standard housings.
• Prevents water stay inside enclosure in case water go inside enclosure, the drain plug will help water leak out and keep enclosure dry.

Technical Details

Material Body, Cap PA6
Ingress Protection Rating IP 56 / IP 66 (Category 2)
Flammability V2 according to UL94
Operating Temperature Permanent Intermittent
-20 °C to +100 °C -30 °C to +150 °C
Thread Type Metric EN 60423
Accessories Lock nuts
Gaskets ( Washers )

Remarks We recommend the use of lock nuts and gaskets to ensure IP rating for -
rough surfaces or through holes.

Accessories must be ordered separately


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