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100pcs Turn Bayonet Burst Battery Pack Vent Plug datasheet 
Code: MIV-30BayonetB
Series: 30
Spec: 30
Material: PBT
Color: BLACK
Model: MIV-30BayonetB
Value: $****
描述: 30 EV Battery Pack Vents
Product Detail
Enclosures and containers: a look at their vulnerabilities and the role of Milvent Vents in preventing failure
In the high-tech world of today, enclosures and containers are a crucial part of protecting sensitive equipment and ensuring optimal performance. However, these enclosures and containers are not invulnerable. They are susceptible to a range of issues, including failed seals, condensation, and contamination. Additionally, they can experience leakage and structural failure.
What are the factors that contribute to these failures? A change in internal pressure is a common culprit. This pressure change can be caused by a variety of factors, including temperature changes or altitude changes. For example, when a container’s contents outgas or scavenge oxygen, it can create a pressure imbalance that stresses the seals. In the case of mobile devices, enclosures are particularly vulnerable if they are not adequately protected against liquids, dust, and other environmental factors.
When enclosures and containers fail, the consequences can be severe. Product performance can be affected, potentially leading to reliability issues and decreased durability. At the extreme, these failures can result in expensive product failures or significant clean-up costs.
Milvent Vents play a crucial role in keeping these failures from happening. These vents allow enclosures and containers to “breathe”, equalizing pressure and reducing condensation while filtering out liquids and other contaminants. By doing so, Milvent Vents help to maintain product performance, increase durability, and ensure higher reliability. Peace of mind is also provided to the user, knowing that their products are being protected against the worst possible outcomes.
In conclusion, while enclosures and containers are an essential part of protecting sensitive equipment, they are vulnerable to a range of issues. The use of Milvent Vents can help to prevent these failures and ensure optimal performance and durability of the enclosed products.

Battery Pack Ex-proof Vavle

Waterproof, IP66, IP67,IP68,IP69K



E-car Battery Pack ex-proof Vavle

· Pressure equalization and release in order to extend seal life

· Can open the valve rapidly when heating up under a abnormal status.

· Prevent condensation

· Block contaminants like dust, dirt and debris

· Low cost Vent instead of traditional breather plug"

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Milvent: The Solution for Venting Needs across Industries
Milvent, a leader in technological innovation, has combined its expertise in micro-membrane - a cutting-edge, highly durable and breathable material - with its deep understanding of venting requirements across various industries.
Our custom-designed vents can be tailored to specific applications, ensuring they meet the unique needs of each industry. Here's how our vents are revolutionizing different sectors:
Automotive Components: Our vents equalize internal pressure, preventing leaks while building a barrier against contaminants. This ensures the safe and reliable operation of automotive components, prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle.
Mobile Devices: We understand the strict requirements of mobile devices and have created vents that manage moisture and condensation while preserving sound quality in acoustic components. This delivers a seamless user experience and prolongs the functionality of your device.
Packaging: Our vents can contain challenging or hazardous chemicals in packaging, ensuring the safety of your products during transportation and storage.
Outdoor Electronics: We have designed vents that enable devices to survive in rugged environments, protecting them from the elements while maintaining optimal performance.
Fluid Dispensing: Milvent's vents enable fluid dispensing from a container, even hot fluids, for a wide range of industrial applications. This ensures efficient and consistent fluid management.
At Milvent, we take pride in our meticulous design process and rigorous testing protocols. Once a vent is built, we subject it to real-world conditions to ensure it meets our stringent performance standards. This ensures our vents deliver outstanding service life, performing to specifications every time.
Vulnerabilities in product venting can lead to costly failures, customer dissatisfaction, and even worse. Milvent is committed to providing dependable venting solutions that give peace of mind to manufacturers and their end-users. With Milvent's innovative vents, both you and your products can breathe easy.


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