Product Detail
100pcs AL Black M20x1.5 Breather with Valve for EV Battery Pack/Powertrain/Gearbox 
Series: M20X1.5
Spec: M20X1.5
Material: Alumium
Color: BLACK
Model: M20X1.5
Value: $****
描述: AL Black M20x1.5 Breather with Valve for EV Battery Pack/Powertrain/Gearbox
Product Detail


->Block ingress of wide range of contaminants,from rain and insects to dirt,dust,sand and other,particulates,best to use under the tough environment.

->IP 67,IP68,IP69K and -40°C to +125°C operating temp.range

->Installing on the side/Vertical face of enclosures is effective for outdoor use.

->Breather plug with aluminum cover and specially-designed internal valve and venting filter inside,The filter venting always make the pressure equilibrium and protects your enclosure.The valve opens to release high pressure when a failure conditions of battery pack,or rapidly heating in Gearbox,or Tank,Container.,etc.

It is especially recommended for Battery Pack EV,Gearbox,Powertrain,Oil Tank,Chemcial Container,Seal Enclosure with battery.,etc.

The application and functionality of the explosion-proof valve in new energy battery packs are crucial in ensuring the safety and reliability of electric vehicles. This innovative valve serves as a vital safeguard against potential hazards arising from internal pressure build-up within the battery pack.

Firstly, let's delve into the application of the explosion-proof valve. In new energy battery packs, the valve is strategically positioned to monitor and regulate the internal pressure. It is designed to withstand normal operating pressures while being sensitive enough to respond swiftly to abnormal pressure spikes. This placement ensures that any sudden increase in pressure, potentially caused by overheating, malfunctioning cells, or external impacts, can be quickly and effectively mitigated.

Now, let's explore the functionality of this valve. The explosion-proof valve operates on a simple yet effective principle. Under normal conditions, it remains closed, sealing the battery pack and maintaining a stable internal environment. However, when the internal pressure exceeds a predefined safe limit, the valve automatically opens, releasing the excess pressure and preventing a potentially catastrophic explosion. This rapid response mechanism significantly reduces the risk of fire or damage to the battery pack and surrounding components.

Moreover, the explosion-proof valve is not just a one-time safety measure. It is designed to reset and reseal after activation, allowing the battery pack to continue operating safely after the initial pressure surge has been addressed. This durability and reliability are crucial in ensuring the long-term safety of electric vehicles.

In conclusion, the explosion-proof valve plays a vital role in the safety of new energy battery packs. Its application and functionality work in tandem to protect against potential hazards, ensuring that electric vehicles can operate safely and reliably, even under extreme conditions.


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